Frequently asked questions

Believe in yourself even when others doubt you.

If you have issues with gluten or avoid it in your diet, this will make you happy. All La Popsi products are made from ingredients that do not contain gluten. Wuhuuu.

All products are suitable for vegans, except for La Popsi Passionfruit and La Popsi Orange, as they contain added honey, and Moon Melts, which contain added milk.

FRUUUUIIITTTT. Fruit in all shapes, flavors, and textures is the star ingredient in our products. La Popsi products do not contain white sugar, are gluten-free, without preservatives, artificial flavor enhancers, and are also free from artificial coloring.

Because of a special, rapid freezing process that only takes 5 minutes. With this process, we not only preserve the taste, but also all the vitamins and minerals of the fruit. TOP.

These are crystals of frozen water. The crystals form due to a change in temperature. When the popsicles are left in warm temperatures for some time, condensation forms on them. When you put them back in the freezer, these droplets freeze again, creating little crystals. The simple solution? Rinse your La Popsi under water and enjoy as usual.

To je poseben postopek obdelave hrane, postopek sušenja z zamrzovanjem (freeze drying). S tem procesom iz svežega sadja, odstranimo samo vodo. Vsi vitamini in minerali, torej najbolj hranljive in dragocene sestavine pa se seveda ohranijo. S procesom liofilizacije nastanejo naši prigrizki za najmljaše Moon Meltsi.